The EPA Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of EPA was created in the early days of the association, back in 1999/2000. It consists of 4 senior scientists, all renowned in the field of probiotics, representing various animal species expertise and EU countries.
The objective of the Scientific Committee is to help the Association promote probiotics as animal, environmental and consumer friendly natural solutions, through scientific publications and other communication initiatives.
The Scientific Committee assesses scientific papers submitted for the Pr. Jules Tournut Probiotics Prize. A French Veterinarian and Professor at the Toulouse Veterinary School, Jules Tournut played an important part in the popularisation of the probiotic concept for animal nutrition in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s. In the late 1980s, Prof. Tournut was part of the French Committee in charge of the examination of product dossiers. He worked actively for the harmonization of the regulation at the European level and the implementation of a European regulation for probiotics used in animal feed, a key to the official recognition of probiotics that leads the way for other countries to progress similarly. In recognition of his major contribution to the official recognition of probiotics, the EPA created in 1999 the Jules Tournut Probiotics Prize to reward young researchers for their innovative works in the field of probiotic in Animal Nutrition.
The Scientific Committee is also advising EPA on new scientific developments, farm, feed and food trends, regulation evolution and other strategic matters.

Current Members of the Scientific Committee

The current members of the Scientific Committee are (2011) Prof. Joaquim Brufau (IRTA, Spain), Dr François-Joël Gatesoupe (INRA and Ifremer, France), Prof. Jean-François Guillot (Université de Tours, France), and Prof. Jamie Newbold (Aberystwyth University, UK).

Pr. Brufau has a PhD. in Veterinary medicine and coordinates the Nutrition, Health and Animal Welfare Program of Institute de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries.
Pr. Brufau was a member of SCAN (Scientific Committee of Animal Nutrition of UE Commission) from 1994 to 2002, and FEEDAP panel member, belonging to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) until 2009. His current focus is the safety and efficacy evaluation of additives.


Dr. Gatesoupe holds a PhD. in fish nutrition. He has been a researcher at INRA for over 30 years, in close relationship with Ifremer. Dr. Gatesoupe is a pioneer in the use of microbial approaches for a sustainable aquaculture, currently involved in various European collaborative Research projects.



Pr. Guillot has a PhD. in Veterinary medicine and has been a full Professor in Microbiology at the University of Tours (Faculty of Science and Institute of Technology) in France, since 1988. His main research interests include the ecology and epidemiology of antibiotic resistant bacteria in farm animals and the pathology of Salmonella spp. in poultry and Escherichia coli in rabbits. He also studies the role of gut microflora and probiotics in farm animals.
Professor Guillot has also been member of the French Expert Committee for Animal Nutrition (CIIAA and AFSSA – Paris), member of AFSSA Scientific Committee, and a Member of the European Scientific Committee for Animal Nutrition (SCAN).


Pr. Newbold has a PhD. on microbial metabolism of lactic acid in the rumen at the Hannah Research Institute in Scotland. Currently Professor of Animal Science and Director of Research and Enterprise at the Institute of Biological and Rural Sciences, Aberyswyth University, Wales helping manage a £16 million pound per year research and enterprise budget. Pr Newbold’s research interests focus on the understanding and manipulation of gut ecosystems to improve animal productivity while reducing the environmental impact of animal husbandry.