Did you know?

A few facts about the fascinating world of probiotics and microorganisms!
  • Life on earth wouldn’t exist without bacteria: four billion years ago bacteria were the first living form on earth.
  • Microbes are everywhere: bacteria have been found in the most unexpected and extreme environments from clouds to the depth of the ocean, accounting for ‘unexplained’ phenomenon (recent discoveries have indentified bacteria thriving at 120°C!).
  • We (human and animals) wouldn’t live without bacteria: the bacteria in our digestive tract help us process some nutrients which our body is unable to process by itself (e.g. Vitamin K).
  • Probiotics can affect the immune response: the intestine harbours the largest mass of immune cells in the human body: the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT), which protects the body from invasion, and numerous studies have shown a direct effect of probiotics on several components of the immune response (innate and adaptive).
  • Our gut hosts 100 000 billion bacteria, representing 10 times the number of cells in our body!
  • Without the fibrolytic microorganisms present in their rumen, ruminants would not be capable of processing cellulose, the primary source of dietary carbon on earth.
  • Fermentations (resulting from the activity of yeast or bacteria) have been part of human nutrition since the down of civilizations: the Egyptian were mastering the wine making and bread making processes… 8000 years ago!