Use of probiotics in aquaculture

Probiotics are well known and routinely used additives in the main livestock species. They claim to improve gut health by stabilizing gut flora being their effect reflected in a better overall health status, welfare and performance of the animals. In aquaculture, probiotics are administered by feed and/or as a water additive. The supplementation of probiotics.. read more →

Use and benefits of probiotics for humans

In the late 19th century, microbiologists identified microflora in the gastrointestinal (GI) tracts of healthy individuals that differed from those found in diseased individuals. These beneficial microflora found in the GI tract were termed probiotics. Some of the beneficial effect of probiotics consumption include: (i) improving intestinal tract health; (ii) enhancing the immune system, synthesizing.. read more →

Probiotics usage in the EU swine and poultry

Over the last 10 years, probiotics usage has developed significantly in the E.U., in particular since the ban of antibiotic used as growth promoters implemented in January 2006. Penetration varies greatly by market segment and by country, for technical and historical reasons. The following market penetration levels are the result of E.P.A. members own market.. read more →

Probiotics & Animal Well-Being

The development of intensive breeding has been accompanied by growing societal preoccupations concerning animal well-being. Nowadays this notion is integrated to many requirements which govern “label” or “certified” productions. Albeit everybody admit there is a necessity to take it into account, animal well-being remains a multi factorial and complex notion which integrates not only the.. read more →

Probiotics & Animal Product Quality

Human concern to reduce antibiotic usage in animal production There is currently a global trend to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal food due to the contamination of meat products with antibiotic residues, as well as a growing concern that the efficiency of therapeutic treatments for human diseases might be decreased due to the.. read more →

Benefits of probiotics in ruminants

Live yeast is one of the most important probiotics used in ruminant nutrition. Over the last 30 years, our knowledge on the role of yeast in animal nutrition has been presented in the form of scientifically proven arguments. Considerable research has been published which reviews the major milestones that have helped to define the action.. read more →

Five years without antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in the EU livestock production

Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union on additives for use in animal nutrition established in its Article 11 the phasing out the antibiotics used as feed additives, to be effective as from January 1st, 2006. Therefore, at date of writing this note, more than five.. read more →

Benefits of probiotics use in monogatrics

Probiotics have been used in the production of monogastrics for human consumption for a number of years. However, the level of industry acceptance and consistent use of probiotics varies by country, production company and individual nutritionist, veterinarian and live production expert. With the ban of in feed antibiotic growth promotants (AGPs) in various countries, combined.. read more →

Probiotics in animal nutrition, today and tomorrow: the experts’ opinion

To mark the creation of its Scientific Committee, the European Probiotic Association (EPA) held a conference during VICTAM International 2011 in Cologne, in order to discuss the place of probiotics as feed additives, and the opportunities they offer for tomorrow’s sustainable and profitable animal production. This event was the opportunity for members of the press.. read more →