A tribute to Prof. Jules Tournut

Prof. Jules Tournut (1919-1998)

A French Veterinarian and Professor at the Toulouse Veterinary School, Jules Tournut played an important part in the popularization of the probiotic concept for animal nutrition in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s. In the late 80s, Prof. Tournut was part of the French Committee in charge of products dossiers examination. He worked actively for the harmonization of the regulation at the European level and today we owe him the implementation of a European regulation for probiotic used in animal feed, a key to the official recognition of probiotics that lead the way for other countries.

In recognition to his major contribution to the official recognition of probiotics, the EPA created in 1999 the Jules Tournut Award to reward young researchers for their innovative works in the field of probiotic in Animal Nutrition.